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21381 -COMPUSHIFT Mini Computer for GM 700R4 and GM 2004R
Price: $368.99

The COMPUSHIFT Mini is a standalone system designed to control the torque converter clutch on GM 700R4 and GM 2004R transmissions.
The built-in display and keypad gives the user the ability to adjust and fine tune for their application and driving needs, along with the ability to diagnose problems. The large screen displays vehicle speed, throttle position, transmission pressure, 4th gear/overdrive activity, torque converter clutch engagement. The controller can also drive an electronic speedometer.the COMPUSHIFT Mini uses throttle position and vehicle speed to accurately optimize torque converter clutch control.
Installing the COMPUSHIFT Mini is a straightforward, for those familiar with cars. Once tuned, mount the COMPUSHIFT Mini in position and leave it along. No further adjustments are needed. Tuned correctly, you should see improved mileage during cruising and enjoy a more responsive throttle.,br>The kit ships complete, with all parts needed for a normal installation.

The original Art Carr As seen on TLC’s  Overhaulin'

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