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The REAL Art Carr CPT 200 4R transmission


Hi Art,

The 56 has seen some action since we added your 200 4R transmission.

  • Air Conditioning
  • 10 PT Moly Roll Cage, Mini Tubs, PS,PB
  • 421 CI SBC, AFR Heads, Bullet Cam
  • Cal Trac, 3:89, 295 55 15 MT St Radial
  • California Performance Transmission 200 4R w/over 250 1/4 miles passes 20,000 Road Miles
  • Drag Week 2009, 2010,2011, 2012
  • Best 11:52@118, 1.52 60' 6 or 7 fastest in Daily Driver each year, 9000 miles
  • Ohio Mile 2012 drove to and from 1600 miles 148.7 mph in standing mile.
  • 138 mph in half Hot Rod Power Tour 2012 5000+ miles
  • 14/15 mph with 3:50 rear gears ran 112.7@109 Fully Loaded cooler and passenger
  • Northeast Rod Run 09,010,011, 5000 miles

This Transmission Works GREAT. Drives Great at Strip and on Road. NO Problems. For Drag Week this year I'm going to 4:10 gears and a looser convertor

Bob Perrine

Hi Art,

Hard to believe it's been over 8 years since the motor in my 1965 GTO was rebuilt for the first time and we replaced the 300 Super Turbine transmission and 3:08 gears with your 200 4R with a "mild" rebuild, an 11 inch torque converter to raise the stall speed a bit (original was 12"), and 3:90 gears with an Eaton Posi-Traction unit installed by J&S whom you recommended. Thank you for that too by the way.

As you know, my car is a street/show car and I personally ordered it from the factory back in December 1964. The car is all original numbers matching except for the gears, transmission and rebuilt motor. It even still has the original factory A/C, and was the feature article in a 2005 Hemmings Muscle Machines issue which is shown in 2 of the attached pictures. The 389 CI motor has the original Carter AFB carburetor and intake and exhaust manifolds, but the compression was reduced to 9.4 to 1 and an Isky 270 Mega hydraulic cam was installed. Some head work was also done. It's estimated to be about 350 HP and is a pleasure to drive on the freeway but the 3:90s and your 200 4R REALLY woke it up especially in 1st gear. Incredible - 10.7 to 1 in 1st gear and 2.6 to 1 on the freeway!

With the overdrive I get approximately 17 mpg on the freeway at 2450 rpms at 70 mph - not too bad! The thing that really impressed me though when I first talked to you, was that you said it would bolt right in and even hook right up to my column shift linkage, and with no modification to the drive shaft.

All I had to do was move the cross member back 6 1/2 inches to attach the rear trans mount. That was it.

My friends and I appreciate all your help and guidance. Overdrive transmissions sure seem to be catching on with gas prices, and to reduce heat and engine wear, but with improved performance and drivability. John at J&S Gear says with your 200 4R, I have a perfect set up for the street.

Thanks again Art and keep up the good work.

Stuart Greene



Dear Art,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the 200-4R you built me.I have had your transmission and converter in my modified but Street Legal 76 Corvette for 4 years now. My Vette has a 434ci stroked SBC  plus I run a 2 stage nitrous kit. The car has a 9 in the rear that can handle all the power I can throw at it. With the 3.73 rear gears and the overdrive 200-4R transmission I can highway drive Anywhere, cruising along at 70mph, barely turning 1,900rpm. When I want to go to the track, I drive there, change tires, add race gas, turn on the bottle and let her rip! This 200-4R transmission is deadly consistent and amazingly reliable. My 60' times are in the 1.4's and my best ¼ mile is 9.90 @ 144mph. I think that is amazing for a 3,600 lb. street car with full interior and  power options!

Anyway, Thanks for building a great product. I appreciate what you do.

John Dirks
Stony Plain, Alberta Canada



Thanks a lot for the great 200R4 transmission that you guys built for me. (Ultimate 200R4 with 9 inch non-lockup converter)
I bought the transmission in Fall/Winter '04 and I'm still using it. I mostly used it for racing and already accumulated 180 passes, running in the low to mid 10's with my '68 Corvette (naturally asporated 406 solid roller engine - 650 HP).
My best ET so far is 10.35 @ 127.59 mph in 62 degree weather.
I should get into the 10.1's or 10.2's in colder weather on engine. Planning on adding a 100 shot of nitrous to hit 9's this winter. I will keep you updated on the results!
I'm pulling the wheels 1 - 2 feet off the ground on every launch and my 60' times are in the 1.39 - 1.41 range (footbraking).
Not only has the transmission held up, it was also dead consistent. I'm a bracket racer and most of my runs are only within a few hundreds of a second.

Attached are pictures of my '68 Vette and timeslips..

Olivier Mader

muscle car doing a wheelie
'68 Corvette with 200R4 transmission    

Dear, Art Carr of. C.P.T.

These are the pictures we discussed of my 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo. It is an original paint North Carolina car. It has a 436 c.i small block Chevy (based on a G.M rocket block) It has a 4.165 bore and a 4.0 stroke and 10.7.1 compression ratio. It has a hydraulic roller camshaft for street use and is very driveable with its 750 cfm, Demon carb, and HEI. dritributor. The rear end is a 3:73 geared 8.5 inch 86 T type Buick rear, and is all stock.

The key to this cars great performance is your extreme duty 200 4r transmission with its great gear ratios 2.74 1st and 0.67 over drive. Lets put it this way a street car that cuts 1.67 60 foot times with 3:73 rear gears and also goes low 11:50s at over 117 mph and does all this and still gets well over 20 miles to the gallon on 93 octane pump gas. (Note when I can keep my foot out of it, Ha! Ha!) This car is just a blast to drive all day any day and goes to the track and wins when the driver does his job on the lights. The transmission has a lot of passes and road miles on it with no problems at all. Thanks for all your years of hard work and all you have done for performance transmissions. I will also send time slips and some track photos soon.
Thanks California Performance Transmissions and Mr. Art Carr.

I also want to mention that I won my class on Labor day weekend at the Hemmings Muscle Palooza race in NY. There were 164 cars in the class.

Chuck Tanzer J.R.

'86 Chevy Monte Carlo 200R4 Transmission

UPDATED (03/31/09):
Hey Art,

     Just a note to let you know how we have been doing with my 86 monte carlo . Recently the car went the fastest it has ever gone in and set the best ET it has ever done.Plus it won the event to the tune of 11.49 @ 116 mph with a 1.56 60 ft time. It stayed there all day long. Note a street car with a 3.73 rear gear and a small block. It weighs 3700 lbs with me and a full tank of gas at race weight. The only changes the car has had in 5 years is a good tune up, functional ram air and re jetted the 750 cfm Demon carb. This car still has the original cpttransmissions 2004R transmission that its had for 5 years and has logged thousands of street miles and hundreds of passes down the quarter mile. It never gets towed to or from the race track. It still maintains over 20 miles per gallon on the open road. Our new nick name for the car is "barely legal" because of the 11.50 time slips and no roll cage. Art, thanks for such a dependable transmission and awesome 60 ft times from the 2.74 first gear. This car rocks! Note: the only thing i can think of doing to make it better is to add one of your 3500 stall speed torque converters which i would like to do this year.

-Chuck Tanzer

'86 Chevy Monte Carlo 200R4 Transmission

Hey Art,
This is a picture of me at this year’s nationals. This pass netted me the #2 qualifying spot in the TSM class. The #1 spot was 9.72. I was and still am the only TSM car in the nines with a 2004r trans.
RJC Racing
Race Jace
Jason Cramer
87 Buick Grand National, Stock Block 9.89 @ 136 @ West Coast Nats in Las Vegas
2400 ft. ele. 2002, 2003 & 2004 GSNats TSM Class Winner

At the GS National the car ran at 9:75 at 140mph

buick muscle car wheelie

I wanted to let you know how great your 200R4 trans and 9" convertor have been performing in my Nova. I've had the Trans for more than 3 years, driven it on the street and raced it at the dragstrip more times than I can count.

I recently added one of your 9" convertors and it made a big difference in the elapsed times. The car is running in the low 10's and 129 MPH on Hooser Quick Time Pros and the trans has never given me any problems.

It drives and shifts perfectly whether on the street or strip. I couldn't have asked for anything better or less troublesome. I'll include my email address, so if anyone wants to contact me I can let them know what a great addition to their car one of your 200R4's would be. Thanks for the tech. support and for making such a fine product.

Mike Lieber

Chevy Nova 200R4 trans


Dear Art,

Look what I found...Pretty happy bunch i'd say...


Hi and good morning Art

Here's a couple of photos of the "Mighty Mouse"


Hi Art

Eily Stafford, Stafford is driving the Gruzen Racing Strange Brew AA Comp Coupe NEI car in both the 2012 NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series and the ANRA Racing Series. The Gruzen family and Eily all run CPT transmissions and converters.

The original Art Carr As seen on TLC’s  Overhaulin'

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