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12021 - 200 4R Transmission 400-500 Horsepower
Price: $2199.99

Art Carr 200 4R Transmission 400+ hp

200 4R Band is fully lined with Red Eagle friction material. For additional holding power we add 2 extra clutch plates in the direct clutch (8 total) and 1 additional plate in 4th gear (3 total). Direct clutches are Red Eagle and Kolene steels. All 12021 transmissions include 10 Vane pump with heavy slide spring, HD pressure regulator spring, heat treated stator support, Heavy duty heat treated input drum assembly, new thrust washers and bushings, .500 boost valve, .296 Reverse boost valve and a Hi Tech Valve body kit.

500 to 750HP
all of the same but we add a Super Servo and a Billet anchor pin.
Add $209.98 to the price of #12021

The original Art Carr As seen on TLC’s  Overhaulin'

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